[LOOK] The Tiny Lights Birthday Band “Undone – The Sweater Song” (Weezer Cover)

From Tiny Lights Recordings YouTube Channel
“One Sunday in April 2013, a bunch of Tiny Lights musicians and friends piled into a practice room in Ouseburn, Newcastle to record a cover of one of our favourite songs to celebrate our second birthday. Gavin Randall was there to capture the fun.

The single is available from http://tinylights.bandcamp.com/album/undone-the-sweater-song as a free download or on limited edition cassette.

Video directed by Gavin Randall (http://www.meltingpointmedia.co.uk)
Song produced by Josh Bell (http://www.soundcloud.com/attic-recording)

The following artists joined the fun in one capacity or another:

Oliver Catt (Something)
Josh Bell, Andrew Potter and Archie Smith (Tissue Culture)
David McDonald (Acrobatic Society)
Martin Longstaff and Steven Calder (The Lake Poets)
Natasha Haws
Ana Blamford and Sean Ewins (Lionhall)

Also featuring an underwhelming guest appearance by label ‘boss’ Paul Brown and a turn by KYEO.tv’s Adam Clery who came down for the laughs.”